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“Best Winery in New York State”
Hudson Valley Post
November 9, 2023, by Bobby Welber

“The Spectator”
A Winery is Fortifying New York
October, 2020, by Roger Kimbal

“100 years of family winemaking”
Live in Ithaca Magazine and Tomkins weekly
October, 2019, by Jessica Wickham

“What to expect?”
Ithaca Tourist Bureaux
September, 2019, by Allison Usavage

September, 2019

“Vin à la Française”
French Morning
September, 2019, by Emeline Combi

“The 15 best Wineries in New York”
October, 2018, by Brian Murray, Jr

“Best Winery in NY State”
House Beautiful
September, 2018, by Taylor Mead

“…singularly electrifying…”
Artisan Spirit
Fall, 2018, by Devon Trevathan

…vins extraordinaires…”
Escapades Américaines
February 2017, by Marie- France Bornais

“…instantly transported to France…”
365 Things to do in Ithaca
February 2016, by Laurel Guy

“This winery is unlike any other…”
Wines of the Finger
April 2016, by Peter Burford


November 2015

July 2015

“…warmth, deep color, rich flavors…”
Ithaca Times
February 2015, by Karey Solomon

“…[the port wines] come as close to drinking
a Renoir or a Matisse as one can get…”

Summer 2014, by Phillip Silverstone

“…the art of blending and aging…”
The Good Life CNY
Fall 2013, by Don Cazentre

“…being patient and waiting until the wine is ready…”
Edible Finger Lakes
Fall 2012, by Amelia Sauter

“Where to go in the Finger Lakes”
Food & Wine
May 2012, by Mitchell Davis

“…very nice spirited wines…”
Ithaca Times
February 2012, by Annemarie Morse

“…[the owner] comes from a long line of French urban winemakers…”
Ithaca Times
January 2012, by Daniel Winterton

“…a tricky and laborious process…”
Dowd’s Guide
December 2011, by Bill Dowd

“A new addition to the Finger Lakes wine scene…”
Cornell Alumni Magazine
Summer 2011, by Dave Pohl

“…I am trying to preserve my heritage as much as possible…”
Finger Lakes Wine Gazette
Spring 2011, by Aaron Munzer

“…good things come in small packages…”
Tomkins Weekly
December 2010, by Ted Crane

“…as local as possible…”
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle & Ithaca Journal
December 2010, by Aaron Munzer

“…a picturesque flight of the imagination…”
Recipient of the “Pride Of Ownership Award
December 2006, by John Baradas